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The Internet has delivered an explosion of learning opportunities for today’s students, creating an abundance of information, knowledge, and teachers as well as a starkly different landscape from the one in which our ideas about school were born. Traditional educators, classrooms, and brick-and-mortar schools are no longer necessary to access information. Instead, things like blogs and wikis, as well as remote collaborations and an emphasis on critical thinking skills are the coins of the realm in this new kingdom. Yet the national dialogue on education reform focuses on using technology to update the traditional education model, failing to reassess the fundamental model on which it is built.

In Why School? How Education Must Change When Learning and Information Are Everywhere, educator, parent and blogger Will Richardson challenges traditional thinking about education— questioning whether it still holds value in its current form. How can schools adjust to this new age?…

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Cold Goma Dare Noodles with Kimchi for Lunch as I read and wish in my meditation wish book.

Cold Goma Dare Noodles with Kimchi for Lunch as I read and wish in my meditation wish book.


Zucchini Fritter, Baked Potato and a Simple Carrot Salad

It’s Raining in Love- Richard Brautigan

So today was my first day back at school and as usual we got homework, but to tell you the truth, I don’t mind it one bit. Part of our homework assignment tonight was to choose a poem from the book Poetry 180 by Billy Collins. This book is made up of, I believe, 180 different poetry writers and well I came across this really cute piece. I hope you enjoy it.

Richard Brautigan- It’s Raining in Love

I don’t know what it is,
but I distrust myself
when I start to like a girl a lot.

It makes me nervous.
I don’t say the right things
or perhaps I start
to examine
what I am saying.

If I say, “Do you think it’s going to rain?”
and she says, “I don’t know,”
I start thinking: Does she really like me?
In other words
I get a little creepy.

A friend of mine once said,
“It’s twenty times better to be friends with
someone than it is to be in love with them.”

I think he’s right and besides.
it’s raining somewhere, programming flowers
and keeping snails happy.
That’s all taken care of.

If a girl likes me a lot
and starts getting real nervous
and suddenly begins asking me funny questions
and looks sad if I give the wrong answers
and she says things like,
“Do you think it’s going to rain?”
and I say, “It beats me”
and she says “Oh,”
and looks a little sad
at the clear blue California sky,
I think: Thank God, it’s you, baby, this time instead of me.

Someone stole my car…

So, I have been getting into a really bad habit of losing my car and then freaking out that someone may have stolen it. Everyday after I am done going to all my classes, I walk down to the parking lot forgetting where I parked that morning, so I find myself circling the parking lot in search of my car and worried that either someone stole it, or it got towed away.

Just a few days ago, I went to the grocery store to get some candy for the Halloween Safe Trick-o-Treat coming up at my school and after checking out, I headed to my car. I thought I knew where I parked, so I walked down the lane that I thought was right. I ended up all the way down by a whole other parking area.”Where is my car?” I kept thinking.  I then turned around and looked again, but after half way through, slightly getting frustrated, I switched over to another lane, but I still could not find my car.

I ended up standing in the middle of the parking lot trying to retrace back to when I drove into the parking lot, but I still could not figure out where exactly it was that I parked.


Where is my car?

I continued to walk down the lane, getting closer and closer to the entrance of the store, looking back and forth back and forth…”where are you car?” And then, there is was. “Hum, hello July, you past right by it coming out of the store, but I don’t really remember parking there.”

I felt so shame.  How didn’t I see it?

I look back and laugh, thinking about how much alike I am to my mom and sisters. We are all so forgetful.

Do you believe in reincarnation?

“Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend – or a meaningful day.” – Dalai Lama

Thank god there are no limits to how many friends you can have, but what Dalai Lama said is absolutely true. Even though so many friends and family are passing away in our lives, we soon eventually gain a new friend or companion or even a new family member. I wonder if “reincarnation” is in fact real? I cannot seem to believe it 100%, but when I met my best friend, I could swear we were friends in another life. We clicked in an instant and in talking for only a few days, everything seemed way to familiar. I wish there were a way to tell or understand what happens after death, but only until our day comes will we know.

What motivates you to read?

There is too much reading in college. It is quite exhausting actually. I keep staring at these textbooks and procrastinate. “Motivation” is one thing I’ve been lacking since I moved to New York.

I would love one of these gazeboes in the back yard and during the Summer, when it is nice and warm, sitting out there to read or meditate would be wonderful. I saw this gazebo in the back of a building while I was walking my uncle’s doggy. The color is even gorgeous with all the greenery.

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