Someone stole my car…

So, I have been getting into a really bad habit of losing my car and then freaking out that someone may have stolen it. Everyday after I am done going to all my classes, I walk down to the parking lot forgetting where I parked that morning, so I find myself circling the parking lot in search of my car and worried that either someone stole it, or it got towed away.

Just a few days ago, I went to the grocery store to get some candy for the Halloween Safe Trick-o-Treat coming up at my school and after checking out, I headed to my car. I thought I knew where I parked, so I walked down the lane that I thought was right. I ended up all the way down by a whole other parking area.”Where is my car?” I kept thinking.  I then turned around and looked again, but after half way through, slightly getting frustrated, I switched over to another lane, but I still could not find my car.

I ended up standing in the middle of the parking lot trying to retrace back to when I drove into the parking lot, but I still could not figure out where exactly it was that I parked.


Where is my car?

I continued to walk down the lane, getting closer and closer to the entrance of the store, looking back and forth back and forth…”where are you car?” And then, there is was. “Hum, hello July, you past right by it coming out of the store, but I don’t really remember parking there.”

I felt so shame.  How didn’t I see it?

I look back and laugh, thinking about how much alike I am to my mom and sisters. We are all so forgetful.


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  1. "K"
    Oct 25, 2010 @ 23:56:11

    As I was reading your blog entry with chuckes, I was convinced that forgetfulness runs in the family. Then at the end of your writing, you mentioned about us! Hahaha. So funny!


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